obelixx 6U Set

Product information

The proxSafe® obelixx 6U is a convenient visitor management system that can be integrated into the existing infrastructure and processes at all levels. Visitors can either register on arrival via their own smartphone, receive a link for pre-registration or receive a ready-made QR code via email. Various options allow the customization of the takeout process for visitors. For example, a security step can be implemented that requires an employee to confirm the removal with his or her ID card first. 
The housing, emails and the software can be customized by printing as well as logos and individual text modules to match the customer's corporate design. Texts for safety instruction or other legal texts can also be implemented and verifiably confirmed. 
The guest book is managed entirely electronically. Arrival and departure times of the visitors are recorded automatically and the removal and return of the visitor badges is monitored via RFID.


  • Can manage up to 64 badges 
  • Housing, emails and software design can be customized 
  • Automatic recording of arrival and departure time 
  • Monitoring of badge removal and return via RFID 
  • DSGVO compliant, electronically managed guestbook