smart 4 key cabinet

Product information

The proxSafe smart 4 was developed to control large number of sites which are not connected to a host system. Using a powerful software algorithm in conjunction with a state of the art encryption scheme, the access codes are generated and sent to the individual user via e-mail or SMS. This is the so called TAN2Access procedure. After receiving the ID-PIN together with a TAN-Code, the user can access the door to the site by entering his individual codes and take the permitted keys from the smart 4 cabinet. The Commander Connect software allows generating and distributing codes which are only valid one time or for a chosen period of use. Long term users have the option to operate the system with RFID-Transponders and their personal TAN-Code. Lost keys, transponders or PIN-Codes will not allow system manipulation, as a secondary TAN-Code is needed which automatically expires after the preprogrammed time. The generous resident memory of the system backplane provides operation even if the network fails, and a back-up battery bridges in case of power failures. The keyTags and slots are designed for rugged operation. RFID-based keyTags are perfect for the use in dirty and harsh environments. Dirt, corrosion or wear by daily operation are impossible. The proxSafe keyTags require no maintenance. All proxSafe housings are equipped with 4 relays which can indicate various alarms via the network and locally.


  • Power save mode for very long operation with backup battery
  • Grants access to a door and releases keys simultaneously
  • RFID-based technology, maintenance-free
  • ID-PIN & TAN concept secures remote access via e-mail or SMS
  • 4 outputs for local alarms or connection to other systems

Technical data

Product series: smart